Romania"s economic growth as reported by INS
Autor: Darius Muresan pe 08 apr 2019 / 15:54 | English

Romania's Nationat Institute of Statistics (INS) has confirmed the 4,1 percent growth of the Romanian economy last year as compared to 2017. 

The news comes after INS previously published only provisional data on the matter. In real terms, the country's GDP was by 0.9% higher, as compared to Q3 2018.

The economic growth mainly was driven by a 5.3 percent rise in private consumption (from 4.6 in Q3).

There is little hope of policy coordination as there is almost no room for fiscal consolidation ahead of elections while monetary policy faces a tough backdrop with lower growth, higher core inflation and currency depreciation pressures. Policy mix, obviously will stay sub-optimal, to say the least, according to experts./adanga

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